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Workforce Analytics

Get in-house, remote & work from home team productivity analytics

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Fieldforce Analytics

Evaluate field staff productivity analytics & learn more about them for better planning

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Fieldforce analytics | field staff tracking

Employees first

We have strongly believed in employee-first approach if an organization care about employee then every employee will become a human capital.


Easy to create transparency

you can start capturing data & without conducting lots of meeting you can know who is exactly working.


Enhance employee retention

Notify as soon it detects employee behavior shift, so anyone from leadership can talk to that employee for troubleshooting his problems.

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Advance fieldforce tracking

Track employees in realtime & against the task, It shows you the full day summary for any field employee


Fully engineered for fieldforce

It is designed & optimized for field employees specifically engineered for battery draining, roster schedule & offline data.

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What people are saying about us

It was really difficult to track employees productivity especially during the pandemic. So we took the decision to start using Workforce Analytics and found our staff started meeting the timelines of the assigned projects.

We implemented Workforce Analytics in our organisation and found our employees more productive after using it. We significantly improved our employees productivity & focus they are more sincere than before.

We were looking for employee monitoring for our employee who wants to do work form home. We found Workforce Analytics is quite satisfactory & it runs very smooth, it saves our number of hours & ROI for this software is 100%.

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