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Work from home employee monitoring

When you think people can deliver more than what they are delivering.

Field Staff tracking

Track what people are doing in the field, are they really on the location which they needs to be

Employee Orchestration

Channelize employees expertise so you can orchestrate them in more controlled & productive way

Marketplace for Teams

When you need a ready team to start project immediately & deliver fast

Tochuless Attendance by Face recognition

In the COVID-19 scenario we must be think about the employee, they need not to touch anything which is not necessary.

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Orchestrate employees by analyzing their work style

A great people manager works with people & for the people, he resolve the concerns & work on happiness index in the organization, reportedly increase the retention time & productivity of employees.

But people manager generally work with emotions, instead of data, if he capture & analyze data using workforce analytics then he can make people more happier & happy employee means increase in productivity.

Orchestrate your employees

Employee Monitoring

Get habitual to listen "It's done" from your employees

If you are out of office or you are in office even, you can not watch your employee every minute of the day, but that data helps you to manage better.

e.g. that tells you if you employee needs learning or can be productive in another tasks or what are the most productive timing

Employee Monitoring

People who trust

Lotus Group
Infosec Ventures
gaurikhan designs
MJ Biopharma

It was really difficult to track employees productivity especially during the pandemic. So we took the decision to start using Workforce Analytics and found our staff started meeting the timelines of the assigned projects.

gaurikhan designs
IT Head, Gauri Khan Designs

We implemented Workforce Analytics in our organisation and found our employees more productive after using it. We significantly improved our employees productivity & focus they are more sincere than before.

lotus group
Project manager, Lotus Group

Initially we were worried about the Data Security & privacy, but when we start using their services & test at our environment, we were more than satisfy, Workforce Analytics respect employee privacy & employers data.

Infosec Ventures
IT Head, Infosec Ventures

We were looking for employee monitoring for our employee who wants to do work form home. We found Workforce Analytics is quite satisfactory & it runs very smooth, it saves our number of hours & ROI for this software is 100%.

MJ Bio Pharma
IT & Infra manager, MJ Bio Pharma
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