About Us

We’re a startup that willing to give a pace to the productivity without loosing any human capital & control.

It all started in 2019 when Gaurav Seth, our founder, been selected for forbes top 100 people manager in india, then he decided to create some software, within labour law boundaries, with which employers can measure how productive their employees are without hindering their work-life balance.

The problem he was rectifying that good people loose their work life balance & the people managers only reacts when those good people make mind for leave the organization & management never knows what happened, so the culture has been driven by the delivery managers not the people managers who makes people to retain in organization & create human assets for the organization.

Passionate about making people more governable

Our Mission

Making people more governable at their workplace & to be sync in work life balance. We are building tools for making employer & employee life smoother.

Our Vision

We are inspired by the Government of India "Mission Karamyogi", so we wants to make every individual to perform better in the organization by enabling him to be creative, to be constructive, to be proactive, and technically empowered.

From The Founder

We are on the mission to make every individual more proactive, focused, constructive & technically empowered, who plays to win for himself & keep in mind he would play in a way that his organization also wins

When i was serving the organization at various roles, Most of the time, I find, candidates is in apathy, which i feel due to ignorance of the candidate in his current organization & that leads to decision of change for the candidate.

To resolve these problems we designed the various tools which helps employees & employers to know the exact situation & as a good leader if CEO, CXO or leadership knows the true situation then they can find a way to prevent the frequent resigns, low retention time of employees & mindfulness lose in various employees.

If we will care our employees, they will take care of the organization

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