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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it works?

It works in cloud & you also needs to install an agent into employee system to capture the data, once it install it make a realtime TLS tunnel to our server so you can see what an employee is doing in realtime

What kind of data it reads or records?

We capture the windows meta-data only, like window titles, url, application name, idle time, CPU & RAM usage by application, is the application having mouse and keyboard input? these are the data we capture. but we don't read what key user pressed or what he is typing.

Does our data safe?

Absolutely! our system is design with in built PII data security so we encrypt all the PII information & that could be decrypt by your credentials only.

What if someone kill the agent?

We suggest you to tell your employee that this software will mark your attendance & monitor project status. so please make sure that it should keep running in order to plan better for work-life balance

Does it support stealth mode?

Yes it supports, but we recommend you to not to run in stealth mode, as employees may feel un-trusted by your organization.

Can I capture screenshots?

Yes why not, it support screenshot capturing on time interval, like on every 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or so. even you can stop the screenshot capturing for anyone if not required

Can someone delete screenshots?

Yes why not, but only authorized person can delete the screenshot, we have strong RBAC feature to grant access of any part of the software

Can employee access his timesheets?

Yes, we have strong RBAC feature to grant access of any part of the software, even you can configure daily emails to employees for their previous day reports

Can employee fill his timesheets manually too?

Yes, first in settings you need to allow employee to fill their timesheets manually too, after that they will be able to access the panel & can fill their timesheets manually too

What about software updates?

We push updates time to time, and for updating the system, no one needs to add any efforts as that is totally automated system.

What if user wants to do some bank transaction & wants to hold the data recording?

For that we have pause feature, user can pause the system for few minutes & after that system will ask if he wants to resume?

What if user do browsing in incognito mode?

We can capture the url in incognito mode too, so whatever be on screen we can capture their meta data

Is there anything we can see employee live screen?

No we don't support such feature, as that breaks employee privacy & we respect that.

Do you support Mac & linux too?

Yes our software supports Mac/Linux version too.

How much RAM does it takes?

It takes approximately 110MB of RAM on maximum usages

Does it support offline mode?

Yes it has offline mode, so whenever it will get internet it will sync that data to server.