Manual Vs Automated Timesheets

A useful comparison!

Automation has been penetrated into the software industry and various tasks are being converted to automation in the era of AI and robotic process automation. Timesheets is also not an exception, generally speaking employees of any organization can not fill the manual timesheets with exact transparency as required.

In a competitive world companies or startups everyone wants to see a clear picture of their employees behavior and engagement in order to remain profitable.

Manual Vs Automated Timesheets: A comparison

Sr.Manual TimesheetsAutomated Timesheets
1.Inaccurate data and subject to manipulation
Precise data and no human intervention is possible
2.Chances of incurring human errors
No possibility of human errors as no human interaction involved
3.No transparency or actualityComplete transparent productivity analytics
4Not capable of giving real-time dataReal-time data with reports
5.No expense on timesheets toolsSome expenses included with tools
6.Not iterative tasksComplete iteration of tasks
7.Irregularities in timesheetsEverything is trackable


There was a time when manual timesheets were in vogue but nowadays with the rise of sophisticated tools available the scenario is changing and businesses are moving towards automated tools instead of manual excel sheets. It is wise to spend some money on automated timesheets tool to get a hand to hand analysis of the team productivity so that your future projects can be profitable.