Tracking Work from Home: Activity and Productivity of Employees

A guide to employee orchestration


Extension of technology is developing us towards a new era. Even the lockdown caused by Covid-19 in present cannot stop the work assignments due to the tech-oriented accessibility of work from home. Every field is working through the applications and tools that help to manage projects in the organization and time tracking applications that help to manage the projects in time. Every employer finds himself in a flux while selecting the most authentic software for their organization— either a time tracking tool or a project management tool and resolves as per their requirement. Still, major challenge is of tracking the activities of the employees while working from home and analyzing the productivity of the work for the organization and customers. The present article endeavors to be exclusive in deciding the best practices to be followed and the benefits of monitoring the remote workers according to the need of the organization.

How to track employees righteously

During this lockdown causing due to epidemic Covid-19, every employee is managing their work from home as far as possible except a few physical presence-oriented jobs. But it is a challenging factor for organizations too to track appropriately the completion of tasks within time duration given to a customer. Fortunately, technology is developed so far to track the work of employees while staying at home as well. It includes usage of e-mail volume, project management tools, time-tracking applications, task lists, and self-reporting and managerial supervisions through online modules. For example, if a company is using project management software/s which guides its employees for task-list in addition, it will be helpful through e-mail to record the data. And managers can, furthermore, sort out the tasks from the list provided to employees. It can be share to the clients also at intervals, which will, undoubtedly, soothe them in progress of the tasks completed. For time tracking, toggl, hours, rescue time, harvest are performing well according to a report by biz30. On the same vein, project management tools/apps are also awful examples like trello and basecamp. Self-reporting is the responsible outlook of the responsible remote worker. Self-reporting will help the organization also to understand the subjective progress of every employee. It is also recommended while tracking employees to keep them in contact through different social applications. They can be motivated by managers through kind and candid connection.

Need of tracking work from home employees

It is high time to manage organizational understanding of dividing workload equally to all employees using different tools and software/s. Still, behavioral tendency towards work of every employee shall be monitored by officials at time. It will be a balancing cuisine to the work delivered to the customer satisfactorily. Workload monitoring is also a good way to notice when you’re running some inefficient or unproductive processes. For example, if you notice that your employee workloads are constantly unbalanced, it could be a sign that your task distribution system isn’t efficient. If you notice that one of your busiest employees also has one of the smallest workloads, it could be a sign that they aren’t spending their time wisely. Monitoring employee workloads helps you proactively identify when one’s employees are taking on an unsustainable amount of work, so you can work with them to achieve a better balance. This is especially important for the overachievers on your team, who might take on more than they reasonable can in a bid to exceed expectations.

Benefits of monitoring work from home employees

Over and above, all the benefits of monitoring work from home employees include the advantages of all sorts whether financial, customer satisfaction and productivity through work from home. It will improve the employee retention at first, as it will help them to record all the data through applications, tools and task-list to be completed for the efficacy and correctness in productivity. It will provide a wider tool of connection between the workers of any organization. The rechecking of work will be based on data store rather putting it into files only. Staff of an organization will work under free atmosphere even if they got monitored by their officials. It will befit them to be motivated for the error-free work for which they are going well paid off. It will cater financial motifs of both the organization and employees. They will be tracked with the same resources that are used in the office set-up. It accommodates convenience of putting the tasks completed to befit in particular baskets of onset timing and duration. It will encourage the communication suitability of specific employees of full potential in an organization.


To bring up the rear, it can be firmly said that many organizations have accepted the challenges of work from home and it helped them to pave new ways of constructing a more creative arena in the modules of work from home. Tracking the effectiveness of their employees comes under the same way and it has been enhanced the new ways of monitoring them positively benefiting the company as well.